What is whitening of teeth and its uses?

Teeth Whitening PeterboroughThe whitening of teeth assists in stain removal, a tooth is lightened and it brings natural coloration. One among the most common dental cosmetic procedure is whitening. This improves the look of the teeth. Mostly in the entire dental clinic they do this service.  It is a process which is done repeatedly from time to time to maintain a colour that is brighter.

Usage of Whitening:

Enamel is the outer layer of the teeth. The natural teeth colour is created by the reflection and the light scattered on the enamel along with the dentin colour which is found under the enamel. The smoothness and thickness of the enamel is according to the genes. If the enamel is thin it allows the dentin colour to show more if the enamel is rougher or smoother the light reflection is allowed thus the colour is shown. A coating known as pellicle is formed daily on the surface of the teeth which leads to stains. The enamel of the tooth also contains stains which are held in the pores.

Common reasons for stains:

•    The very common ways for the teeth to get stained or yellow is as follows:
•    Consuming liquids of dark colour such as cola, red wine, tea, coffee etc…
•    Intake of tobacco
•    Not taking proper care for the teeth
•    Aging has a huge impact on the teeth making it less bright as the dentin gets darker and the enamel becomes thinner.
•    The tooth has a possibility to get stains inside it; these stains are known as intrinsic stains.
•    The whitening of teeth has more impact on the external teeth.


Once if you do the whitening process you can expect it to last from six months and the maximum duration it can withstand is two years even though according to few studies the results lasts up to 10 years.  If you avoid the things which cause stain like coffee, red wine, smoking it preserves the teeth and gives a better result.  Many studies have also been done and they report that tooth whitening is safe.


Some of the benefits of teeth whitening are they have a smile which is better. When done professionally it removes the stains that are persistent which in turn boost your self-confidence. If the whitening of teeth is done by a professional then it is more effective when compared to the products brought from the counter.


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