Benefits of Undergoing Hair Removal Using Laser Method

If you are not satisfied with the other methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing etc then you can try with the laser method. The laser method is one among the commonly used hair removal method in United States. The beam of the light which is highly concentrated is sent into the follicles of the hair. The pigments in the follicles destroy the hair by absorbing the light.

Advantages of Laser method:

The laser method can be used to remove hair that is unwanted in the face, arm, leg, bikini line, underarm, and various other areas. The benefits of laser hair removal are as follows:

•    Speed: It takes a fraction of second for each and every pulse of laser and it has the ability to treat many hairs at the same time. Within a minute the areas which are small like the upper lips can be treated and it may even take an hour for areas like the leg or back
•    Precision: Laser method does not create damage to the skin which is around the hair, but has the capability to select the coarse, dark hair.
•    Predictability: Patients mostly have hair loss permanently after three to seven sessions on an average basis.

Preparation for laser removal method:

Laser method is a procedure in which you should have proper training since there are risks which are potentially attached to it. Before going through the laser treatment you should be checking the credentials of the technician or doctors who perform this procedure.

If you are in a plan to undergo treatment of hair removal on laser, six weeks prior to the treatment you will have to limit the other removing methods such as waxing, plucking and electrolysis. The laser focuses of the follicles of the hair to remove them and if you use any of the other methods it will remove the hair temporarily. In the same manner you should not expose yourself to sun at least for the six weeks before and after the treatment. The hair removal by laser method loses its effectiveness when it is exposed to the sun and creates complications after the treatment is done.

What can you expect?

Just prior to the laser treatment, you will have to trim your hair above the surface of the skin to few millimeters. The equipment of laser will adjust itself to the thickness, location and colour of the hair which has to be treated along with the colour of the skin.


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