Laser Hair Removal is the Best Solution for Women

When it comes to removing excessive hair of the body, laser hair removal for women is one of the most effective ways, for various reasons. This hair removing mechanism is almost painless and safe. It is primarily because of these two reasons why Laser has become so popular over the years. Despite of the fact that Laser is one of the expensive hair removing technique, yet it has gained tremendous popularity because it can effectively get rid of the unsightly hair.

The Technology

The procedure of laser hair removal is primarily based on “Epilation”, where the laser device emits the light which then penetrates through the skin and hits the root of the hair deep below the surface of the skin. This is the reason why Laser is so effective when it comes to removing the non-visible hairs. When the root of the hair is attacked, it damages the hair follicles, which in turn prevents further growth of hair.

The Hair Types It is Effective for

The procedure of Laser hair removal has proven to be most effective with dark coarse hairs. This is because, the dark, coarse hair’s pigmentation. Darker hairs are more suitable to absorb maximum heat and light from the laser. It has also proven to be quite effective on those who have a fair complexion than the ones with a dark one. The reason being, with darker skins excess heat is likely to be absorbed this can result in scarring and burning of skin.

Is it a One-Time Solution?

Removal with laser technology does not provide a one-time removal solution.  Multiple sessions might be required in order to get a prolonged and effective result. Besides, some areas might remain untouched during the first session; this would call for a revisit to the clinic. But if you take this treatment from a renowned clinic then the process will be more effective and you would need only a few sessions to get a long-time solution.

When it comes to Laser hair removal, there are few side effects; however, they are temporary and minor. Experiencing skin irritation and pigment changes are quite common during the post surgery period. The skin might turn red and swelling is not unusual. Despite of these minor side effects, Laser is considered to be one of the most effective hair removing techniques, because of its ability to target the roots of the hair.


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