Breaking Some of the Biggest Myths Surrounding Botox Treatment

Despite getting intensely popular within the last decade or so, there are still plenty of myths surrounding the treatment of Botox Peterborough. It is embraced equally by both men and women not only to smooth out their faces but also utilized as a precautionary measure to beat all signs of aging. Let’s look at some common myths surrounding it and the real truth behind it.

Myth# 1: Your wrinkles get worse if you stop getting Botox treatments

This is completely false. While it cannot be denied that Botox treatment is not permanent, the situation in no way gets worse. You simply go back the way your skin was before the treatment. In truth, regular treatment slows the process of aging. Once you stop the treatment, the relaxing effects get eliminated, and you get back to the healthy development of wrinkles.

Myth#2: It is not required until wrinkles, or visible lines appear

This is again completely baseless. Today, people of young age are openly embracing it as a preventive treatment. If you wait for fine lines and wrinkles to appear, you would require more Botox treatment sessions to smoothen them. Thus, it is best to use it as a precautionary measure to cut down on the number of sessions.

Myth #3: People lose facial expressions with Botox

This is entirely false! In fact, done right by the trained and experienced medical professional, you will end up getting better facial expression instead of losing them. Done right, it’s even difficult to tell that you have undergone the treatment. People cannot pinpoint as to what has enhanced your appearance suddenly.


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